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Les Cícliques was born four years ago, from a group of students learning at the same drama school. Since then, we created a safe space to talk freely about our frustrations, taboo subjects and all the oppression received for being a woman. From that moment we came together to make visible everything that worries, confuses and disturbs us through theatre. We opt for critical and social theatre.


This way we created our first piece, OFEC, on 8th March 2019, the woman’s day, with the objective of giving voice to all silenced women. Since then the language of the company was created by the body as a protagonist. Les Cícliques put together different disciplines: interpretation, dance, puppetry and other scenic resources as the poetic object.


The new project is Tabula, directed by Julieta Gascón Roque, co-founder and director of theatre company Zero en Conducta.


Our objective as a company is to create through artistic languages to reach all people, without limits, beyond the text. Body language is our universal instrument. Flow of emotions to create reactions, changes and critical thinking; to discomfort or to move… or all at once.

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