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Directed by Julieta Gascón Roque
(Zero en Conducta Co.)



According to the philosophical concept -Tabula rasa- «clean slate», people are born with an empty mind, and all knowledge  and skills come as a result of learning.

In order to recover her memory after an accident, and to be able to find her authenticity, our protagonist questions herself which is the origin of her concept.

In this quest, she discovers that it’s not only about the words, but the slate where they are carved. 

A performance that claims self-love in terms of gender merging  gestural theatre and puppetry.


OFEC shows the reality of the woman. A woman who suffers oppression due to the violence imposed by the patriarchal system that slanders, humiliates and conceals us.
How do we manage to face this charge that has been choking us all this time?
Four bodies corporeally poetic awaken in order to initiate the rebellion against a society rich on oppressions and absent of humanity. It is now the moment of breaking with the conformism that nullifies us.
The sorority is remind us that we are free. Let’s fight.
Let’s do an act of self love and let’s leave the suitcase away.

A mute scream is pulled of the silence.

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